Grandfather Grandmother

Type of art: Painting, Drawing, Graphics & Photography

In this image, I wanted to express the celestial stories of our grandparents. In this image, I combined the sun/grandfather and the moon/grandmother together in harmony.

Materials: Cedar smoke on Annigoni paper, 24K gold leaf, aluminum leaf

Technique: Reduction print, cedar smoke transfer, edition of 15

Size: 12" by 12"

Price: $300
Gordon Coons
ABOUT GORDON COONS BASED IN MINNEAPOLIS Gordon Coons (Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa/Ottawa) is a painter, printmaker and fumage artist. Largely self-taught, he paints in the Ojibwa Woodland style and creates fumage, smoke art, by burning cedar. He embellishes his fumage pieces with 24-karat gold leaf. He also prints with linoleum blocks and sculpts in stone and wood. Coons draws inspiration from his Anishinaabe heritage, and his bright color palette comes from his natural surroundings in the Great Lakes region. “I also enjoy incorporating playfulness in my images, telling stories of relationships between Western and Native cultures, and the connection we have to our shared historical events,” he says in his artist statement. Gordon Coons exhibits nationally, and his work is in permanent collections across the country. He regularly shows and wins awards at annual Native American art markets. More of his artwork can be seen online at
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