Trouble in All Directions

Type of art: Pottery

This orb represents our current troubled world. You will see the four directions symbol in the center and a winged serpent representing each of the directions. The design on the underneath represents the toiling wind moving outward north, south, east and west to cover the earth.

Trouble in All Directions was hand-built, incised, and burnished with a flat stone while in green ware. The piece was then kiln-fired to reach 1,945 degrees. There are 6 glazes (3 coats of each) applied using a controlled glazing method. The piece was kiln-fired a second time to reach 1,800 degrees. The designs were outlined with copper.

Materials: Commercial clay and glazes

Technique: Double kiln fired

Size: 8.5" x 5"

Price: $450
Eva Cantrell
Cherokee Nation
Eva L Cantrell, Cherokee artist, lives on the Cherokee Nation Reservation in Oklahoma. She is a multi-award-winning and trained under renowned artists Jane Osti, Crystal Hanna and Troy Jackson. Cantrell has participated in Cherokee Art Market, SWAIA, SEASAM, Artesian Arts Festival, and more. She mixes contemporary methods with traditional themes in order to teach others native stories and the meanings behind the symbols in her pottery. She uses traditional methods with contemporary materials in creating the Cherokee double-wall baskets and contemporary materials for contemporary textile work.
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