Horsehair and Feathers Shield

Type of art: Pottery



The Horsehair and Feathers Shield is cut from a slab of raku clay and placed on a curved surface to dry to leather hard stage. At that time, the surface is hand burnished with a flat stone to make it smooth so it will accept the shape of the feathers and hair. It is then fired and when the kiln has reached about 1800 degrees, the shield is removed while still red hot and the feathers are carefully placed on the surface so as to burn the image into the pottery. Since there is no control on how the hair looks after applied, it is dropped on the piece and allowed to burn as it lays. After the shield has cooled and has been hand polished with a wax sealer, I add copper acrylic details. This shield will hang on the wall or display nicely in an easel.

Materials: Raku clay, horsehair, chicken feathers, wax sealer

Technique: Raku

Size: 9" x .75"

Price: $65
Eva Cantrell
Cherokee Nation
Eva L Cantrell, Cherokee artist, lives on the Cherokee Nation Reservation in Oklahoma. She is a multi-award-winning and trained under renowned artists Jane Osti, Crystal Hanna and Troy Jackson. Cantrell has participated in Cherokee Art Market, SWAIA, SEASAM, Artesian Arts Festival, and more. She mixes contemporary methods with traditional themes in order to teach others native stories and the meanings behind the symbols in her pottery. She uses traditional methods with contemporary materials in creating the Cherokee double-wall baskets and contemporary materials for contemporary textile work.
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