Jennifer Thiessen

Jennifer Thiessen (Cherokee) is an award-winning artist who works in mixed media such as textiles, paint and shells. Her passion for political science, history and art has allowed her to create work that has personal and cultural meaning. Looking to the past for inspiration from ancestors as well as current issues among indigenous communities, her art aims to provoke emotions and start discussions around the art form and the politics behind it.

ᏩᎴᎳ (Walela)

This skirt’s pattern features hummingbirds, which are part of Cherokee legends and culture. They represent speed, agility and beauty. It is adorned with satin ribbon as well as a dark blue heavy cotton fabric freehand swirl motif with a light overlay.

Peaches and Cream

This predominantly orange skirt with a green under-layer is inspired by peaches from our Georgia homeland. It’s made of satin fabric with a sheer organza fabric overlay and is adorned with satin ribbon. Its length and elegance make it great for evening events.

Wrapped in Stars

This modern wrap skirt features seven-pointed stars, and satin ribbon and comes with matching knee leggings.

Light as a Feather (Ugidali)

The skirt, meant to be worn in a more formal or professional setting, displays native culture through its feather pattern. Feathers are sacred, symbolizing stages and accomplishments in life, as well as personal character. The skirt design features satin ribbon, waist pleats, an outside right pocket and an inside left pocket.

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