Eva L. Cantrell

Eva L. Cantrell (Cherokee) is a multi-award-winning artist who uses traditional methods with contemporary materials in creating the Cherokee double-wall baskets and contemporary materials for contemporary textile work. She also mixes contemporary methods with traditional themes in order to teach others native stories and the meanings behind the symbols in her pottery. Cantrell trained under renowned artists Jane Osti, Crystal Hanna and Troy Jackson. She resides in Oklahoma on the Cherokee Reservation.

Chief’s Daughter Basket Skirt

Inspired by antique flat reed basketry, this beautiful, intricately woven, turquoise and cream skirt features satin ribbon, cotton lining and a back zipper closure.

Lace Overlay Skirt

This skirt offers two wardrobe options in one. You can choose the beautiful floral cotton skirt, which features an adjustable buttonhole, an elastic waistband and comes complete with pockets. Or, if you’d rather change your look, simply tie on the satin overlay around the waist, and you have a whole new look.

Mommy & Me

This mother/daughter skirt set is made for sharing a fashionable time together with ease and comfort. They feature four rows of satin ribbon, an adjustable buttonhole, elastic waistbands and pockets. In addition, their polyester fabric blend makes them easy to wash.

Sister’s Suit

This custom-made two-piece gabardine pantsuit is predominantly purple because whoever wears it is meant to be treated like royalty. It features dragonflies, rust, copper and gold satin ribbons, as well as pockets.

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