Cindy Evens

Cindy Evans (Cherokee/Shawnee) is an award-winning textile artist who creates Cherokee tear dresses, ribbon shirts, ribbon skirts, shawls and fringed purses. Her influences were her grandmother, mom and sister, who always encouraged her to create the beauty of her culture in every dress she made. Evan’s studio, Two Needles Native Designs, is located in Chelsea, Oklahoma, where she resides.

Oklahoma Road

This dark blue cotton batik skirt captures the spirit of Oklahoma and its Native people with its colorful design and print pattern. A bright band of orange with yellow diamond insets is reminiscent of an Oklahoma sunset, further highlighted by rows of lime green, yellow, and red ribbons. The print features buffalo, arrows, oil wells, and dreamcatchers vividly displayed in vibrant colors.

Two Piece Camp Dress

Made from Teton Trade Cloth by Lenape, this stomp-style skirt was specifically designed for the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City. It features a bold vertical design and color scheme with horizontal ribbons and bold gold ricrac complimenting the colorful fabric at the bottom. The skirt has an elastic waistband and is lined with an underskirt, making a wardrobe change easy when necessary.

Sunshine Happiness Set

This skirt promises sunny days ahead with its bright yellow calico cotton print. In addition, it features a band of white ribbon with feathers accented by strips of gold, red, and turquoise ribbons.

Gold Fire

This skirt beautifully combines strength and compassion with its red cotton and printed metallic gold swirls. Enhanced by the tan cotton inlaid with red diamond and accented with metallic gold ricrac, this elegant skirt is perfect for formal events.

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