ᏭᏕᎵᎬ (Wudeligv)
This skirt combines the bold colors of the sun, stars and nighttime sky to paint a textile picture reminiscent of a beautiful sunset.
ᎠᏁᎭᏯᎭᏔᎯ ᎠᏥᎸᏍᎩ (Anehyahtahi ajilvsgi)
The versatile skirt mixes earth tones and calico floral print to create a celebration of subtle beauty that makes a great wardrobe choice for various occasions.
ᏗᎬᏍᎩ (Digvsgi)
This skirt’s intricate design is inspired by Cherokee flat reed basketry. Representing both art forms, it uses flat reed weaving techniques and applique.
ᎤᏍᎪᎸ ᎬᎿᎨ (Usgolv gvhnage)
This skirt’s design, which features a sheer floral pattern over a monochromatic overlay, creates a visual reminiscent of a black-and-white photo of wildflowers. The decorative stitching and lace trim make this piece an elegant addition to any wardrobe.
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