Double Headed Woodpecker
The symbol of the double-sided woodpecker is featured on this skirt. Embroidered above rows of red, black, and white ribbon applique, these birds represent the meaning adopted by Cherokee Language Master/Apprentice Language Program. It exemplifies that if there is no student, then there is no teacher and vice versa.
Buffalo Skirt
With buffalo machine embroidered on cotton above a nine-ribbon fire-colored applique, this skirt honors the history and importance of this animal to North American Indigenous peoples.
Copper Skirt
This skirt combines a traditional look with copper, used for jewelry by Cherokee people, to create a look reminiscent of trade-era wrap skirts.
Black on Black
This formal skirt bases its design on the idea that “in the shadows, we remain.” Combining black ribbon applique and Cherokee basket patterns, it inspires the wearer to “step out of the shadows.”
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