Take a little time with friends and family to find hidden treasures in Cherokee Nation. Work together and look for clues in geocaches to guide you on your way.

Geocaching 101


Float the Illinois River

A moderate current, friendly people and beautiful scenery make the Illinois River perfect for a float destination in any social itinerary.

Arrowhead Resort

Diamondhead Resort


See Tenkiller Lake

Enjoy one of Oklahoma’s most beautiful clearwater lakes like the locals. Burnt Cabin and Cookson Bend are full-service resorts with marinas that offer boat and cabin rental.

Location: Sequoyah and Cherokee Counties

Burnt Cabin

Cookson Bend


Boat Fort Gibson Lake

Located in Sequoyah State Park on Fort Gibson Lake, Paradise Cove Marina offers a full-service marina including pontoon, paddle boat and aqua trike rentals.

Paradise Cove Marina


Preserving the Wilderness

Visit the largest protected conservation area in the Ozarks. Elk, once lost to the area, now roam over 17,000 acres of rolling hills and spring-fed creeks. See all that blooms, flies over and lives here through the help of a concerted conservation effort.

JT Nickel Family Nature and Wildlife Preserve



Hike Sparrowhawk

These well-traveled and time-tested trails are a favorite of students at Northeastern State University and the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Cherokee Nation.

Sparrowhawk Trails

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