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Woven Legacies: Carrying a Cherokee Tradition


Date & Time

May 24, 2024 –
November 03, 2024
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Culture & History Lovers :
Culture & History Lovers
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Art Lovers

Event Organizer

Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism

Thanks to countless unknown Cherokee women and men through the ages, Cherokee traditional basketry has endured despite centuries of tragedy, loss and turmoil. Basket weaving is still prolific among Cherokee people who learned their skills from elders knowledgeable in the natural materials and techniques used by our ancestors to build practical, often beautiful, works of art. While basketry now is focused largely on artistry, the old ways are still revered. “Woven Legacies: Carrying a Cherokee Tradition” looks at the history, art and people of Cherokee basketry and the presence of community support to continue this expression for generations to come.

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