Where the Buffalo Roam

Type of art: Painting, Drawing, Graphics & Photography

A lone bison grazes under the Oklahoma night sky

Materials: Printed on aluminum metal

Technique: Photography

Size: 24x36

Price: $500
Jim Trosper
Chickasaw Nation
(405) 200-6454
My name is Jim Trosper. I am a graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelors degree in Photographic arts. I am always up for a challenge and love every aspect of photography. All of the fundamentals of photography set up a good photo, but what really makes a photo great is emotion. The emotion has to come from both sides of the camera. I find that if I stay passionate and pursue a great image I always seem to end up in the perfect spot to get emotion from my subject to create a great photo. I hope I am always able to pursue, explore and improve my photographic abilities throughout my life.
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