Wampum Necklaces

Type of art: Jewelry

Wampum bead necklaces.

Materials: Quahog shell

Technique: Handmade

Size: 21”

Price: $750
Gordell Wright
Aquay, my name is Gordell Wright and I am a citizen of the Shinnecock Mation located on Long Island, NY. I am a wampum maker which is an important aspect of our culture. Wampum is made from hard shell clam and is made from both the white and purple parts of the shell. Wampum was and is still used in many different ways such as personal adornment, in ceremonies, burials, honorings and wampum belts to name a few. Wampum belts are our form of documentation and belts have many different meanings and also record history within the nation. I am very proud and honored that I am able to continue on this tradition of my people. Tabutne (thank you).
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