"Aamaawia Paankossaakani" (Honey bee)

Type of art: Beadwork / Quillwork
"Aamaawia Paankossaakani" (Honey bee)
Price: $1,600
Katrina Mitten
Miami of Oklahoma
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma Award winning artist- beading for over 45 years. Katrina Mitten is a citizen of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, an award winning artist-- beading for over 45 years. Katrina has practiced traditional Great Lakes embroidery style native beadwork through study of family heirlooms, museum collections and practice. The imagery she creates is inspired by the world around her. Her works have been acquired by the Miami Tribe, national museums and private collectors. Illustrating the value she places on education. Katrina has been a corporate lecturer, contributed to elementary, secondary and university level educational programs, and featured in documentary films. “My teachers are the bead workers of the past.”
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