Corn Dance

Corn Dance
Price: $3,000
Kathleen Wall
Pueblo of Jemez
Kathleen Wall is from the Pueblo of Jemez and is mother to three children, Isaiah, Tyra and Jesse, who have all grown up observing her diligent work. Taught as a child by her mother and aunts, who were taught by their mother, Wall carries on the matrilineal tradition of being a clay artist. Kathleen’s art although grounded in ancestral process & techniques, is found at the intersection of traditional and contemporary. Her work is present, reflective of her ever-evolving identity and relationship to her Pueblo heritage. Most renown for her Clay sculptures, Kathleen has more recently been challenging her own creativity in the areas of mixed media. Kathleen is grounded in the Pueblo of Jemez where she is an active member in her tribal community. Intimately linked to her art, Kathleen plans to continue fearlessly creating her work, sharing and embracing her understanding of her connection to clay.
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