Immersive & Interactive Experience

Free Admission Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM Immersive & Interactive Experience Begin your experience with an art installation depicting one of the origin stories of the Cherokee […]

Cherokee Cultural Pathway

Free Admission Open Daily 24/7 Cherokee Cultural Pathway The Cherokee Cultural Pathway connects the Cherokee National Historical Museum, the Cherokee National Supreme Court Museum and the Cherokee National Prison Museum […]

Cherokee National Research Center Archive

Free Admission Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM Cherokee National Research Center Archive Whether you are interested in visiting the research center, have a question about Cherokee history […]

Demanding Recognition

Artwork: Cherokee Nation citizen Marilyn Vann remains an advocate for the rights of Cherokee Freedmen descendants. She was appointed to the Cherokee Nation Environmental Protection Commission in 2021. Source: Marilyn […]

War & Emancipation

Artwork: A plank residence in the Arkansas River Bottom, photographed by Allison Aylesworth. Source: Oklahoma Historical Society. The Civil War came to Cherokee Nation in 1861. The divide between the […]

Slavery in Cherokee Nation

Artwork: Two children near cotton, photographer unknown. Source: Oklahoma Historical Society. The enslavement of Black people among Cherokees began after it was introduced by Europeans in the 17th century. Forms […]

We Remain

Image: Principal Chief Wilma Mankiller meets with President Reagan, December 1988 US policy on Native Americans resulted in the Dawes Act of 1887 and the Curtis Act of 1898, which […]

Fighting & Healing

Artwork: Cherokee Delegation to the Dawes Commission. Source: Oklahoma Historical Society The loss of life in the Civil War led to a need to provide for the disabled and orphaned. […]

The Civil War in Cherokee Nation

Artwork: Battle of Honey Springs engraving by James R. O’Neil. Source: Oklahoma Historical Society When the Civil War broke out, Cherokee Nation hoped to remain neutral. As the war came […]

Rebuilding A Republic

Artwork: Indian Council of 1843 at Tallequah by John Mix Stanley. Source: Smithsonian Museum of American Art Once the final detachments of Cherokee reached their new home in Indian Territory […]

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