Catherine Abercrombie
“This IS My Calm”
“Almost Persuaded”

Matthew Anderson
“Primitive Duck Effigy”

Dwayne Barnes
“Times of New Are Washed from Past”
“Old Birth”

Zachary Barnes
“ᎠᏍᎦᏰᎬᏍᏛ ᏣᎳᎩ (Captain Cherokee)”

Verna Bates
“Speaks of Peace”

Sheila Bazil
“She Knows the Way”

Karen Berry
“Quantum Entanglement”

Roy Boney
“ᏎᎷᏥ (Selutsi)”

Dan Corley
“A Source of Blessing”

Vivian Cottrell
“Large Storage Basket”
“Yellow Points Basket with Lid”

Nancy Crabtree

Laney Cully
“Heart of the Home”

Michael Dart
“Sacred Waters”
“Let's Go Giggin’"

Rose Drake
“Two Rivers”

Devin Dry
“Day Dream”

Stephanie Dugger
“Ocean Green”

Emilee Edwards
“ᏧᏟ Is for Fox”
“The Feathered Fox”

Jeff Edwards
“An American Führer”
“Going To Water”

BJ Foreman
“Elder Durbin Feeling Oil Portrait”

Lee Ghilain
“Ancient Jewels”
“Corn Keeper”
“Red Rabbit”

Crystal Hanna
“Three Sisters”

Tonia Hogner-Weavel

Renee Hoover
“Welcoming Summer”

Daniel HorseChief
“Spirits Lifted, Pawnee Exodus”
“Will Rogers”

Taylor Johnson-Martinez
“Does My Brother Still Remember Me?”
“That One Time I Met A Giant Maned Wolf”

Talon Kingfisher
“As Anitsalohi Catch Fire”

John Knotts
“Dragonfly Necklace”

Hattie Lee
“Clothed with Celestial Grace”
“Bandolier Dance”

Robert Lewis
“Little People Find a Dog”
“Turtle and Thunder Were the Best of Friends”

Kendall McCoy

Linda McCrary

DeAnn McDaniel
“Reluctant Dancer”

Scott Middleton

Ronald Mitchell
“Time of the Crying Moon”
“Timeless Migration - Mobius Strip”

Steven Morales
“Idanetsoiga - Let’s Play Stickball”
“The Little Brother Of War Gorget”

Grant Morris
“Asgoladisgv (The Offering)”

Chase Moxley
“Gogeyi (Spring)”

Charlie Nichols
“Never Try, Never Know”
“Let's Talk It Over”

Harry Oosahwee
“Frog Effigy Pipe”
“ᎠᎩᏏ Daksi”
“Display of Ft. Smith”

Carolyn Pallett
“Still We Rise”

Joan Patterson
“Dayuni’si Going Below the Water”

Laura Petty
“Beaded Fedora”
“Beaded Heart Hoops”

David Pruitt
“From the Past to the Present”

Tiffany Reiter
“Bountiful Beauty”

Scarlet Rock Hosseini
“Roan, Baby, Roan”

Sallie Rogers
“Toting Along”
“Round Reed Earrings and Necklace”

Lisa Rutherford
“We Remember”
“You Are Not Forgotten”

Brandi Sanders
“ᎠᎾᏠᎦ - Anatloga”

Kathy Sierra

Shirley Sims
“The Indian”

Karen Sixkiller
“Water Spider Brings Fire (maquette #1)”

Jacquelyn Smith

Donald Starr
“Cherokee Freedmen”

Sarah Stewart
“Sequoyah's Cabin”

Greg Stice
“Sequoyah's Legacy Set”
“Wilma's Gorget”

Robin Stockton
“Our Souls Fly Free”

Roxanne Stopp
“Till Sunrise”

Virginia Stroud
“Good Wife Happy Life”

Jerry Sutton
“Jigilili's Sunrise Song”

Kindra Swafford
“ᏴᏫ yv-wi Mortal”
“ᏗᏜᎪᏍᏗ di-dla-go-s-di Scratch”

Carolyn Swepston

Risi Thelander
“Hiding in Plain Sight”

Jennifer Thiessen
“Dress for Success”

Dan Timmons
“Uneasy Truce”
“Not Today”

Mia Vinson
“Stolen Voices”

Kathryn Wabnum
“Garden Goddess”

Erin Waters

Jeanne Webber
“Al-Ghamdi Water Spider in the Fire”

Alica Wildcatt
“The Guardian”

Carlene Wiley Seven
“Clans Gourd”

Jon Williams
“Navajo Elder”
“Wolf Headdress”

Mark Wolfe
“Looking West”
“Ned in His Cavalry Uniform”

Carol Wyatt
“Pathkiller Creation”

Jennifer Yates
“Welcome to Lookout Mountain”

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