Sequoyah: An American Icon

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Cherokee Nation Owned
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March 30–December 31, 2021

Sequoyah introduced the Cherokee syllabary in 1821. This year, Cherokee Nation celebrates the bicentennial of his invention with a series of exhibits focused on the Cherokee language and syllabary. The “Sequoyah: An American Icon” exhibit explores Sequoyah’s life and contributions made to the Cherokee people while examining how his name and image have been embedded in the nation’s identity to the extent he maintains a unique position in American symbolism.

“Sequoyah: An American Icon” runs from March 30 through December 31, 2021, at the Cherokee National History Museum and includes a collection of original artwork, documents and artifacts illustrating the impact Sequoyah and his creation has had on generations.

Image courtesy of Smithsonian Institution National Portrait Gallery.

Whether a day trip or an extended getaway, Cherokee Nation makes the trip well worth it.
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