As Long As I Live

Type of art: Contemporary Basketry

Commercial reed and dye. 13" x 7.5" x 9.5"

“As long as I live” is a Cherokee woman woven out of commercial basket reed and commercial dye. She represents the women in our lives. The grandmas, the mamas, aunts, sisters, and daughters. I will love and comfort you… as long as I live. I will guide you and show you tough love when it’s needed… as long as I live. I will be here for you anytime you need me… as long as I live. I will pray for you every chance I get… as long as I live.

Wyntre Grayson
Cherokee Nation
Wyntre Grayson is a Cherokee and Choctaw artist from Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She has been making baskets since she was nine years-old. She likes using commercial reed and dye and specializes in making the double-walled baskets. Grayson has won several awards for her work in local and area art shows. She has also had work shown at the Cherokee Heritage Center of Park Hill, Oklahoma; The Five Civilized Tribes Museum of Muskogee, Oklahoma; and the Heard Museum of Phoenix, Arizona.
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