Blooming Flower Chignon Pin

Type of art: Jewelry


Sterling Silver Chignon/Bun Pin is 5 1/2 inches long and 2 1/8" wide, corkscrew pins are 4" long,

features a crushed turquoise inlay design. Pin is approximately 3/32" thick.

Tiffany Reiter
Cherokee Nation
Tiffany Reiter was born and raised in Tulsa, OK and moved to Orange County, CA where she had a successful finance career in the high-tech industry. After sustaining injuries in an auto accident, she left her job and took a jewelry class to maintain function in her hands. She soon realized she was onto something and pursued further training over the course of four years, constantly honing her skills through her strong dedication and drive to learn.  As a proud citizen of Cherokee Nation, much of Reiter’s inspiration comes from traditional influences that she gives her own modern spin to, creating contemporary jewelry designs with a unique, Native American flare. This fusion allows her to stay true to her Cherokee heritage while expressing her own design aesthetic.  Specializing in the use of traditional silversmithing methods, combined with a passion for design and craftsmanship, she makes her jewelry using hand forged sterling silver and copper, incorporating semi precious stones in many of her pieces. Reiter hopes those who see her work realize Native American culture is still very much alive and will wear her jewelry to celebrate her people.
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