Southeasternly Shine

Type of art: Beadwork


Bandolier bag constructed of wool fabric with wool tassels, glass beads, silk ribbon trim, cotton fabric lining. Beaded design on strap and fully beaded flap.

Wool fabric and tassels, glass beads, silk trim, cotton fabric lining. 40" x 16" x 0.25"

Carolyn Pallett
Cherokee Nation
Carolyn Pallett was born in Pawhuska, Oklahoma and grew up in Tulsa.  Her Cherokee grandmother gave her a treadle sewing machine when she was eleven and from that time Carolyn loved sewing clothes and making projects such as bags and beaded jewelry.  Pallet has studied with bead artist and Cherokee National Treasure Martha Berry, who is a well-known revivalist of Cherokee beadwork. She says studying and practicing Southeastern Woodlands Native American beadwork is a passion.
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