Congratulations to the artists accepted into the 26th Annual Cherokee Homecoming Art Show & Sale and thank you to all who entered. We are proud to have your work representing Cherokee art, culture and tradition.
William Anson
"First Fire"

Kevin Baldridge

Zachary Barnes
"ᏗᎵᏍᏙᏗ (Waterspider)"
"ᏂᎦᎥ ᎠᎪᏩᏘᏍᎩ (All-Seeing Eye)"

Verna Bates
"Shakin' My Shells"
"Grandfather's Legacy"
"Usdi Sequoyah"

Karen Berry
"Woodland Balance"

Roy Boney
"ᏣᎳᎩ ᎣᏣᏕᎶᏆᎠ We Are Learning Cherokee"
"Southeastern Sneaker Boi"

Wills Brewer

Sarah Brown
"Strong Roots"

Roger Cain
"Blowgun Master"

Danielle Calico
"Sequoyah: Issue Talking Leaves 1"
"Grandmother Spider: Fire Bringer"

Toneh Chuleewah
"Coiled Rattlesnake"

Rose Drake
"Stomping Around the Fire"

Devin Dry
"Black Hat"

Rosemary Drymon
"Snack Time"

Stephanie Dugger
"The Stars"
"Pink and Black"

Barnes Dwayne
"The Gentleman"
"I Found These"

Jeff Edwards
"Not Your Typical Syllabary Chart"

Jeff Edwards
"Tattooed Tsisdu"

Gary Farris
"Round Top Peyote Box"
"Flat Top Peyote Box"

Burl Ford
"Deer Mountain"
"Nature's Bounty"

BJ Foreman

Raychel Foster

Joseph Gardner
"Eagle Feather Box"
"Cornstalk Shooter"

Lee Ghilain
"Miss Daisey Deer Speaks Our Language"
"Peace Chief One Feather: Because We Did Not Wear a Headdress"

Kenneth Glass

Wyntre Grayson
"As Long As I Live…"

Crystal Hanna
"Beady Eyed Lizzard"
"Chief’s Cooking Pot"

Jacqueline Hanna
"Spider Bag"

Beth Hazen
"When Rabbit Stole Otter’s Fur Coat"
"Woodpecker Medallion"

Patricia Hellard
"Twilight Though"
"Two For Work"
"End Of Day"

Kenny Henson
"War Club"
"Longhorn Steer"

Tonia Hogner-Weavel
"Blue Hunting Jacket"

Renee Hoover
"Our Father"

Billy Latta
"Season Of the Cicada"

Samuel Lee Regan

Colby Luper
"The Sound Of Thunder"

Joyce Lyle
"He Who Knows"
"Song Of Walela (The Hummingbird)"

Taylor Martinez
"Prometheus's Sin: Gluttony"

Linda McCrary
"Big Sky Country"
"1890s Tahlequah"

Paula McLemore
"Moonlight Warriors"

Scott Middleton
"The Lawgiver"
"From Fear, Joy"

Ron Mitchell
"Ned Christi"
"Forlorn Hope"

Steven Morales
"Southeastern Wayz Gorget Necklace"
“Crazy Horse Bracelet"

Charlie Nichols
"Mother Earth"
"Fifteen Feathers"

Harry Oosahwee
"The Ga-du-wa Warrior"
"Chicken Thief"

Carolyn Pallett
"Southeasternly Shine"
"Green Turtle Purse"

Joan Patterson
"Wise Woman"

Laura Petty
"Peyote Stitch Hoops"
"Peyote Stitch Makeup Brushes"
"MMIW Keychain"

Donnie Poindexter
"Dare to Dream"

Ernie Poindexter
"Lady Willow"
"Day Lily"

David Pruitt
"Water Spider"

Tiffany Reiter
"Stolen Sisters Song"
"Blooming Flower Chignon Pin"

Tama Roberts
"Lost In Translation"

Scarlet Rock Hosseini
"A Moment's Rest"

Kace Rodwell
"Big Ol' Cuff"

Marie Smith
"The Rattle"
"The Dance"

Michael Smith
"Carved Eagle"

Greg Stice
"Sequoyah's Gift Gorget"

Robin Stockton
"Rabbit (Jistu) and His Many Names"

Roxanne Stopp
"Out Of the Shadows"

Jerry Sutton
"Blood Quantum Physics In a Fractal Multiverse"
"Walela, Walela (Hummingbird, Hummingbird)"

Kindra Swafford
"ᎤᏦᎾᏗ, u-tso-na-di, Rattlesnake"
"ᏩᎶᏏ, wa-lo-si, Frog"

Jennifer Thiessen
"Treaties & Sovereignty"
"The Written Word"

Julie Thornton-Brison

Andrea Tidwell
"Buried Treasures: A Tribute To the Lost Residential School Children"

MaryBeth Timothy
"Uk'tan and Awohali"
"Portrait Of Anna Sixkiller Mitchell"

Kathy Van Buskirk

Perry Van Buskirk
"Arrowhead Knife"
"Long Hair"

Bryan Waytula
"My Indian Paintbrush"

Alica Wildcatt
"Sovereign Seven"
"Something Else"

Jon Williams
"American Portrait #4 - Tall Horse"

Kevin Williams
"The Bootlegger"

Mark Wolfe
"Song Leader"

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