Best of Show

Pestilence:  Covid, Smallpox, Black Plague – A Floral Gas Mask – Dallin Maybee – Northern Arapaho/Seneca


Class 1: Painting, Drawing, Graphics and Photography

Best of Class:  She Heals – Benjamin Harjo, Jr. – Absentee Shawnee/Seminole

2nd Place:  Dressing for the Dance – Jesse Hummingbird – Cherokee Nation

3rd Place:  White Harmony with Nature – Michael Billie – Navajo Nation


Class 2: Sculpture

Best of Class:  2 Chronicles – Troy Jackson – Cherokee Nation

2nd Place:  Spirit Deer – Sean Rising Sun Flanagan – Taos Pueblo

3rd Place:  Ojibwa Pueblo Girl – Kathleen Wall – Jemez Pueblo


Class 3: Beadwork/Quillwork

Best of Class:  Pestilence:  Covid, Smallpox, Black Plague – A Floral Gas Mask – Dallin Maybee – Northern Arapaho/Seneca

2nd Place:  Chahta Anumpa in My Accent – Hollis Chitto – Mississippi Choctaw/Laguna Pueblo/Isleta Pueblo

3rd Place:  Hungry Cat Contemporary Pictoral Beaded Handbag – Kenneth Williams – Northern Arapaho/Seneca


Class 4: Basketry

Best of Class:  Tell Me Turtle Stories – Renée Hoover – Cherokee Nation

2nd Place:  Crawdad Gig Basket – Michael Dart – Cherokee Nation

3rd Place:  Cherokee Sewing Basket – Renée Hoover – Cherokee Nation


Class 5: Pottery

Best of Class:  Abundance – Karin Walkingstick – Cherokee Nation

2nd Place:  ABC, Witsi, Bit, Dahaw – Chase Kahwinhut Earles – Caddo Nation

3rd Place:  Tall Bird Effigy – Troy Jackson – Cherokee Nation


Class 6: Textiles

Best of Class:  Alice Dress – Orlando Dugi – Navajo Nation

2nd Place:  Early Classic Poncho – Tahnibaa Naataani – Navajo Nation

3rd Place:  Not Forgotten – Tyra Shackleford – Chickasaw Nation


Class 7:  Jewelry

Best of Class:  Contemporary Box Concho Belt – Peter Nez Nelson – Navajo Nation

2nd Place:  Gold Necklace Set – Nelson Garcia – Kewa

3rd Place:  Night and Day Heishi Necklace – Richard Aguilar – Mississippi Choctaw/Santo Domingo Pueblo


Class 8: Diverse Art

Best of Class:  Community Arbor: Safe to Speak Mvskoke – Tony Tiger – Sac & Fox/Seminole Nation/Muscogee Creek Nation

2nd Place:  How are we supposed to live – Candessa Tehee – Cherokee Nation

3rd Place:  Leader of the Buffalo – Joshua Adams – Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians


Innovator Award

MMIW:  Remember Our Sisters – Eugene Tapahe – Dine (Navajo)


Culture Keeper Award

Seen by her Nation – Woman’s Northern Traditional Buckskin Dress – Beverly Moran – Hunkapapa Lakota (Standing Rock Sioux)

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