Son of the Seminole

Type of art: Painting, Drawing, Graphics & Photography

Son of the Seminole"  2021  Prismacolor Color Pencil Drawing

This original is a colored pencil drawing on matboard depicting Seminole Tribe member Jake Tiger who is an educator of the tribes history, traditions and language. This image is meant to depict a son who continues to pass down knowledge and traditions to the younger generations of Seminoles to come. It's these people within our Indigenous tribes who keep our cultures alive, continuing to practice the traditions who also keep our ancestors spirits alive. A warrior on the front lines of assimilation, Jake takes pride in speaking to other Natives and Non-Natives about the Seminole history, their removal from their homelands to Oklahoma, and the proud traditions of the Seminole Nation, so that future son's of the Seminole continue their ancestors stories and legacy. 

Custom framed behind museum glass.

Materials: Colored pencil

Technique: Drawing

Size: 33" x 30" x 2"

Price: $3,800
Bryan Waytula
Cherokee Nation
Waytula earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Oklahoma and his certification to teach from Northeastern State University. Bryan taught grades 6th – 12th for 13 years before recently stepping away from the classroom to show his works full time across the United States. His works have been appreciated by professional athletes, charities, and numerous clients. Waytula is a 3rd generation Cherokee artist whose Grand-mother (Betty Scraper-Garner) & Mother (Vivian Cottrell) are Master Craftsmen & Cherokee Treasures in the art of basketry. He actively exhibits his award winning works in various Native American shows, exhibitions, and museums across the country. Born in Tahlequah, OK. he’s be drawing since the age of 5. Bryan works in a wide range of art mediums but has become known for his realistic works using colored pencils & charcoals.
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