Little People's Sewing Basket-Goldie

Type of art: Basketry



Small single woven basket with lid. All materials were processed by the artist, from log to basket and runner to basket.

Materials: Honeysuckle, White Oak, blood root dye

Technique: twilling

Size: H: 3 1/2" from base to top of knob D: 3 3/8"

Price: $80
Vivian Cottrell
Cherokee Nation
(405) 471-7587
I am a generational basket maker. I follow my mother, aunts, grandmother and great grandfather who were weaving baskets, not so much to sell, but times to trade for other items or for use in daily living. Basket making has been an opportunity to educate the public as I travel throughout the United States attending National Indian Markets and Shows. Preparing weaving materials for 48 years, I made a commitment to our Cherokee culture in basketry at an early age. Weaving baskets and selling them to the Cherokee Gift Shop and other gift shops within the Cherokee Nation reservation was my first job. I was an entrepreneur in high school. I continued making baskets and selling them while I earned my degree in accounting. Traveling across Oklahoma working as an auditor, I would bring my materials and weave baskets during the evenings and weekends.
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