Ojibwa Pueblo Girl

Type of art: Sculpture - Stone, Bronze, Other

A small sculpture of a Native American girl that is dressed in Pueblo attire with Ojibwa designs representing the two cultures that she is a decent of.

Materials: Jemez clay, slip, underglaze

Technique: Figure is hand formed with a coil and pinch method, traditionally processed Jemez clay, painted with slip, underglazes paints. Then kiln fired. 

Size: 17" x 6" x 6"

Price: $2,200
Kathleen Wall
Pueblo of Jemez
Kathleen carries on the matrilineal tradition of being a clay artist as passed down from her grandmother to her mother and then to her. She began her artistic journey making storytellers as a young adult. Throughout the years, numerous exhibits and art shows have featured her pottery and figurative forms. Even as her work has evolved the traditional art taught to Kathleen in her youth, she remains grounded in tradition. Kathleen plans to continue creating her work and to continue sharing and embracing her understanding of her connection  to clay. Kathleen currently resides with her family in Pueblo of Jemez.
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