Red Basket

Type of art: Basketry

This hourglass shaped basket with a lid is a great place to hide your treasures! It is a Cherokee double wall basket hand woven with commercial reed.

Materials: Commercial reed 

Technique: Handwoven Cherokee Double Wall Basket

Size: 4"wide 6" tall

Price: $22
Eva Cantrell
Cherokee Nation
Eva L. Cantrell is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Registry # 74050. Her great-grandfather, Callebert Harris, is listed on the Dawes Roll at #26990. Eva is an award winning artist and has participated in Cherokee Art Market, SWAIA, Trail of Tears Art Show, Artesian Art Market, SEASAM and more. Eva learned from renowned pottery artist Crystal Hanna; Cherokee National Treasures Jane Osti and Troy Jackson; and basket artist, Regina Thompson. She enjoys being able to teach others Cherokee stories through her artwork and what the various symbols mean in Cherokee culture.
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