Set of 3 Gorgets

Type of art: Pottery

Materials: Clay

Technique: Hand dug clay, on adjustible leather cord, with copper, bone and brass beads. Ancient Mississippian motifs are created by incising and relief and stone burnished. Double fired.

Size: 3-1/2" w x 1-1/2"  h

Price: $120
Crystal Hanna
Cherokee Nation
(918) 269-7167
Southeastern/Mississippian inspired hand coiled pottery. Apprenticed with Anna Mitchell in 1999. Anna was a self taught Master Potter and Treasure for Cherokee Nation. It is my honor to continue her legacy by teaching and participating in acclaimed art markets. I am already juried I to the 2021 Santa Fe Indian Art market where I have been accepted since 2001. It is my intent to be active in theNative American Art Community for as long as I am able to do so.
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