Type of art: Painting, Drawing, Graphics & Photography



This bowl is designed with the number seven mind. The Cherokee have seven Clans and the Anishinaabe have seven teachings. I often use this sacred number in my art. The black background emboldens the colors in the floral pattern.

Materials: Beechwood bowl, acrylic paint, wood burning

Technique: This bowl's main consideration was the implementation of strong colors in the midst of a more traditional woodland pattern. With that in mind the black is an important addition to make the patterned colors really stand out.

Size: 7 inch

Price: $100
Courtney Biggs
Cherokee Nation
(616) 915-4277
Osiyo, my name is Courtney Biggs. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my wife, Bonnie. We have one daughter, Lois, who is currently pursuing a post graduate degree in Social Art History at the University of Leeds in Northern England. Needless to say, we are very proud of her. Although I have lived in West Michigan most of my life, I was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas. My mother was born in Bunch, Oklahoma where the Choate family was and still is established. My mother's mother was from the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota while her father was Cherokee. It is an honor to share my mother's, grandparents' and ancestors' essence through my art. Currently my canvases of choice are Beechwood Bowls. I love the fact that they are born of this Woodland region and that they hold my interpretations of family, inheritance and vision. I pay respect to my family through the use of vibrant color and designs drawn from nature and heritage.
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